ROCK SCENE - March 1979

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Following Jethro Tull's satellite broadcast - the rock heard round the world - there was a private party for the band and NYC friends.... Relaxing after the transmission are Ian Anderson, his wife Shona Anderson, and Blondie's Debby Harry.


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Rock Behind The Scenes
And You Are There

Rock stars keep pretty busy earning their gold records. Take international faves Blondie for instance. If they're not on a world tour they don't get much time to relax when they're back in home town NYC. After all there are new albums to record, interviews to give, and photo sessions like this one to look bright and cheery at. So let's see what it takes to keep your image together as we go with Blondie pal Roberta Bayley to a real live Blondie photo session.

Roberta catches Blondie lead singer Debby Harry in a sultry pose before the session begins at Edo's studio.

The band tighten their sneaker laces and adjust their ties as they get ready for a session with Edo, well known NYC photog. (Pic: Roberta Bayley).

A little clowning around for the camera gets everybody in a charming mood for the session which was used to promote the bands' new album, "Parallel Lines." (Pic: Roberta Bayley).

Organized for the shot are Nigel, Jimmy, Debbie, Chris, Frank, and Clem. (Pic: Roberta Bayley).

And here's the finished pose by photog, Edo. 2001-2008.  About | Contact | Search